Transcell Biologics was first founded in 2009 for cord blood private banking service at Hyderabad, India. Transcell has entered this new era of health industry with a bold and unique business model. At this moment, we have cord blood stem cell banking service initiated as well as introduced onto the market by Transcell in India.

We are a core group of people with highly specialized skill sets formed as Transcell with outstanding achievements accomplished in the past in similar fields. The company strongly believes in solid technical know how, practical approach and sufficient management as the keystones of growth and diversification in the healthcare sector.

Transcell proposes to integrate the chain of business vertically, beginning with stem cell preservation, processing, and up to clinical applications by being a third party processed clinical grade stem cell provider. As the company gradually evolves, we will venture in to two other major categories within modern clinical bio-technology, stem cell therapeutic application and other adult stem cell banking.


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